Exhibition Hall
The Arts Classroom
Japanese Tea House
South Korean Tea House
Tenfu Calligraphy
And Painting Room
Tenfu Tea Museum
Tenfu Tea Museum was constructed at the beginning of 2000, finished all facilities at 2002. The completed Tenfu Tea Museum encompass a total area of 13 acres, it is the largest Tea Museum in the world now.
Tenfu Tea Museum has five leading presentation facilities:
( 1 ) Main Exhibition Hall: mainly focus on historical documentary of tea events and national tea productions.
( 2 )Chinese Tea Art Classroom: the first floor of this facility contains professional tea art performance and a Tea Tasting Pavilion surround with moderate tea aroma. On the second floor, it has a International Conference Room with
up-to-date equipments.
( 3 ) Japanese Tea House ( Fu Hui An ): it is an imitation of Japanese style teahouse with three different design of tearooms representing different historical time in Japan.
( 4 ) Adopting the traditional style of tea house in South Korean, South Korean Tea House is built with fir.
( 5 ) Tenfu Calligraphy and Chinese Painting Hall: this calligraphy and Chinese painting hall includes a showroom holds special exhibitions regularly, a main calligraphy and Chinese painting room which gather unique and distinguished collections, and finally a Rare Stone Showroom displays distinctive stones and handicrafts from different places.
Within the Museum, distinct Chinese landscaping had specially designed to reveal prominent Chinese culture and the affection from its creator, Chairman Lee Rieho. The landscaping includes Han-Ting Pavilion, Mountain-Tang, Song-Bridge, Yuan-Pond, Ming-Lake, Qing-Pool, Historical Mausoleum of Heroes from Ming Dynasty, Flowing water at Lan Ting Pavilion, and finally a Demonstrative Tea Garden illustrates varieties of tea. Tenfu Tea Museum is not only combined of academic, educational, cultural and recreational values together as a whole, yet it is a place convene with the love and
enthusiasm for tea, helps visitors to understand and acquire knowledge of tea. In addition to show
different tea making techniques, and enhearten tea culture.

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